• Bonner Formwork

    Surrey Based Concrete Formwork Specialists

    Bonner Formwork Construction Company


The Bonner Formwork team came to Kick Back Create for help in 2016 when they were starting out.

They needed a brand new website tailored towards builders and established industry leaders. As this business was a new venture Bonner Formwork also needed a customer base and a flow of new enquiries.

Essentially they needed marketing planning, strategy and implementation ensuring they gained as much exposure as possible on Google and other prominent marketing channels.


  • Website Build

    A brand new website designed from scratch including a robust user journey.

  • Marketing

    We manage and set up most of their marketing channels and tools. They predominantly use Google AdWords and SEO but have used various channels to gain complete exposure.

Bonner Formwork on Mobile
Bonner Formwork on Macbook desktop
Bonner Formwork website on iPad


We are now developing the second website for Bonner Formwork. The company has grown so fast that they needed to portray the scale of work they are doing with a new site.

The process for both website builds have been focussed on the user journey, it was important the enquiry process was obvious and simple, it was also imperative that we showcased the work they are doing.


  • They receive a constant flow of enquiries for small and large projects
  • One of the prominent companies for formwork construction in the South East of England
  • Responsive website on all devices

The site is still under construction.