Marketing Services

Kick Back Create offer a variation of key marketing services, you can see these in the tabs below with a brief yet honest overview of each.

Before you go any further on this page or website please remember flexibility is in our DNA. You are not limited in any way with our services, we can mould a marketing plan/strategy around your business needs and wants using one, some or all of of our marketing services. But first let’s just open up the conversation!

Marketing Manager Service

You may need a Marketing Manager or a person that can fit in as part of your existing marketing team. Not a problem… we have the capacity to do this. We do work flexible hours but will always give you options on what suits you and your team best.

Currently we are operating as a Marketing Manager for in 3 of the companies that work with us, as they came to us needing a service that wasn’t provided by most marketing agencies. They didn’t want to hire a person but still wanted the benefits of essentially another team member.

This service really works for us because it allows us to embed ourselves into your business, therefore getting the most out of it.

Content Creation

You may be struggling to produce content. Trust us very single industry has compelling and entertaining content its just about finding a smart way to showcase this that lets your end users see you as a brand that understands and cares.

We can build/help build content for your website on perhaps a Blog or a News feed, we can also regurgitate (not a fan of that word but its fitting) that content on your social media and listings sites and more.

Our team use practises such as the 80/20% rule when building content, that is 80% of your content/posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audience, while only 20% should directly promote your business. This is about giving the end user more than just a sales pitch. It’s like going for a coffee with someone and all they do is talk about them self for the whole time, you just wouldn’t engage with that person again.

Email Marketing

Newsletters and email campaigns may be something your business could massively benefit from as  you can target specific groups of people and open a conversation with them or entice them towards your products/service directly.

We predominantly use MailChimp for email campaigns with our clients as its smart, easy to use, great for reporting and can be free!

Again flexibility is key, you may want a monthly service and ad hoc service or simply a air of eyes to check what you’ve done to give advise. We can do all of this for you.

Google Ads Pay Per Click

PPC Advertising on Google Ads allows businesses to put their products & services in front of people who are actively searching for them.

With the right PPC Campaign strategy you’ll be able to display your ads to prospective customers when they’re ready to convert or buy.

Kick Back Create achieve this time and time again by working closely with our clients to create high performing, results driven campaigns focused on delivering good quality leads and conversions, not just clicks!

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is super important but not allot of people understand why and see it as a bit of a dark art that they cannot wrap their head around. We strongly disagree with this, the SEO secret is actually very simple…

Google wants their users (anyone searching on Google) to get the best experience so they continue to use Google over other search engines…who remembers Jeeves?! See where we are going with this?

Ultimately all we need to do is ensure we tailor your website to show clearly exactly what your business is/does and why its a great choice over your competition. Obviously we do this in a smart way by considering how the end user will view and engage with this information, but the point is, if Google is happy that their customers (your prospects) are navigating your site with ease and understanding what you do and engage then Google is much more likely to give you Kudos for this and bump you up its rankings.

Now what we have just explained what is called on-site SEO, there is also off-site SEO to consider. This is essentially gaining a strong authentic presence on other sites and platforms that link back to your site to give your site the credibility it deserves.

We are open to having a chat about your SEO and how to tackle it whether we do all the leg work or we educate you along the way.

Social Media Managment

As you know our approach is focussed on flexibility to ensure we give you the most value whilst getting the best results. That is why we have various options within our services, all flexible and up for discussion of course!

Quite frequently our clients need someone to manage all their social media content on a rolling monthly basis, this is something we already do for 4 of our clients. You may find you just want educating of what types of content to post and how, enabling you to build engagement, retention, and awareness through your channels. Not a problem.

You may specifically want to utilise us for social media advertising to drive business to your website or app. Or you may want all of this, thats fine!

We find that most clients initially need a social media audit meaning we look at what your pages currently look like and how you have been using them, thats when we can put our stamp on it and show you best practise before the real content comes later down the line.

Marketing Process

  • 1 - Consultation

    One of our team members will organise a meeting with you, so we can sit down and talk about exactly what you need and what you want to achieve.

    Once we have a better insight into your unique selling points, your struggles and your company, we will be able to make a start.

  • 2 - Test & Learn

    The next step is to build your marketing, trying various tactics until we have the winning formula. Throughout this process, we will be in contact explaining how thing are going and why.

    At Kick Back Create we have open, frequent and honest communication between ourselves and our customers. We are willing to communicate in a way you prefer whether that be face to face, email or even WhatsApp, just let us know.

  • 3 - Insights & Leads

    Once we have figured out what works for your business and why we will look at how we give you that information. We think it’s great to have frequent, understandable reports that will enable you to make informed decisions in the future.

    Marketing is an ever-changing beast, so it’s important we stay on top of the latest platforms and trends. We will always act as an advisor, willing to work alongside you and your growing business.